Why You Should Learn The English Tenses Perfectly

In today’s world, the English language has become the dominant language worldwide. As it is a global language of business and education, it is essential to develop communication and understanding skills for the English language from https://interpass.in.th/12-english-tenses. Tense is the most critical part of the English language. To understand English and to communicate in English, one must learn tenses. Let’s read the article till its end to know why tense is essential to learn.

It Helps Understand The English Language

Tense is the study of verbs that helps understand the English Language Better. Understanding tense, the learner can know how the sentences are formed. Tense is used every day to talk about what is going on and what will go on in the future. It also lets the student learn how these words work together to make a system.

Makes The Communication Level Strong

The purpose of tense learning is to get a better understanding of the language and to improve English writing skills. Learning the tense is necessary as it helps people to communicate clearly and effectively, whatever the situation is. The better anyone will have in English tense, the better they will feel confident speaking or writing English.

It Improves Your Language Skill

Tense is involved everywhere in English. Whether this is to tell someone the time or wishing a birthday – tense can only make the sentence complete. The more anyone can know about tenses, the more they can apply the knowledge to the language skill.

Mandatory In Examinations

A thorough knowledge of English tenses is mandatory as it increases the chance of passing any examination. Nowadays, in the test, you may need to write an essay or paragraph. But without knowing the tense, you can not express your feelings about the topic. Also, wrong tense applications in sentences cut your marks on the exam sheet.


Hopefully, now you have understood why you should learn tenses. Tense is simple, and you can learn it quickly. Reading is an effective way to learn tense as it teaches how to use it properly. However, reading doesn’t mean that you will learn everything you will read. But it makes you understand how to recognise these tenses and adopt the language structure. Apart from English reading, you can also focus on listening to podcasts and watching English movies. Listening to English in its native way is the best practice for learning English tenses.

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